Physiopathology of inflammatory response

Physiopathology of inflammatory response

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Physiopathology of inflammatory response

Prof. Suzana Beatriz Veríssimo de Mello, PhD
Ieda Maria Magalhães Laurindo, MD PhD   

The study of chemical mediation and cellular events involved in an inflammatory response focused on joint processes within clinical and experimental settings.
• Experimental arthritis
• Chemical Mediation of the inflammatory process: Eicosanoids, cytokines and Nitric Oxide contribution to joint inflammation.
• Treatment of inflammatory diseases: Complementary therapy 
• Cell Function: Chemotaxy, Superoxide Production and enzymatic activity.   

Ongoing thesis  
Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory effect of melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha MSH) in systemic lupus erythematosus: an experimental and human study. FAPESP: 09/54549-8 Post Graduates involved: experimental study, Domingos Alexandre Ciccone Botte and human study ; Monique Kowalski Schmitz.  

Bone repair in the mandible of aged rats: Celey Aparecida Silveira   


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